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Child and adolescent clinical psychology for professionals and services

I am able to provide the following services for services and professionals who work with people diagnosed on the autism spectrum:

  • Consultation (for example, supporting team dynamics: tensions, conflict, loss, change, and maintaining empathic support in challenging situations; managing behavioural difficulties; reflective space for staff teams to consider the emotional impact of their work)

  • Training sessions (for example, introduction to autism, working with behaviour that challenges; sexuality and adolescence in autism; stress, coping and autism; attachment and children in care; childhood trauma; supporting children in educational settings)

  • Skills workshops (for example, basic approaches to working with people diagnosed on the autism spectrum; working with dissociation and trauma; working with psychological distress; introduction to working with children with learning disabilities, disentangling the relationship between children in care, attachment and queries about autism). Workshops can be available for both professionals and parents.  

  • Supervision

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