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Summary of clinical psychology services offered

Support for children and young people

I offer direct therapeutic support for children and young people struggling with mood, anxiety, identity, education, and difficulties managing transitions. I also offer indirect support for parents where children may not be ready to engage in sessions with me, so you can still benefit from psychological support.

Autism across the lifespan

I offer support to children and adults who have a pre-existing diagnosis of autism. This can be either direct therapeutic support with people or indirect support, such as with families (siblings, parents) and carers.

Support for families

I offer support to families who are struggling. This most commonly takes the form of offering advice, consultation, and support in challenging circumstances.


I offer supervision to fellow clinicians who may be working therapeutically with children and young people, particularly where there are developmental needs present.

 Training and consultation

I offer training sessions and consultation about supporting people on the autism spectrum and children that are in the care system to professional services, such as schools and care providers.


I offer periodic workshops for parents and professionals focused on issues specific to supporting people on the autism spectrum, this includes managing transitions, supporting behaviour that challenges, sexual and adolescence, assisting adults on the autism spectrum.

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